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How is Master V3

a Thermal Massager


Spine is the Center of the Human Body

Spine is the central organ of the human body that protects the spinal cord, which connects our nerves. Ceragem Master V3 is a thermal device that provides intensive heat and pressure stimulation to the spine and gives a personalised thermal massage experience.

Master V3 Recommendation

Let’s experience Master V3 Spine Thermal Device

for 40 minutes a day. It works like a charm for:

5 Benefits of Master V3

User’s Body Type Customised Function
6-levels of Intensity Control
12 Massage Programs
Ceragem Sound
Smart Sliding Design

Automatic Setting of Spinal Pressure Stimulation Section

Spine Scanning

As every individual has distinctive height, the length of their spine likewise varies. When you lie down on the Ceragem Master V3, it analyses the user’s body type automatically and provides you an effective spine thermal massage with customised spine scanning function for each body type.


Up-and-down Function with
Internal Thermal Projector

Spine Pressure Stimulation Setup
The Choice is Yours!

Intensity Control and Massage Programs

6 Levels
12 Massage Programs

6 Levels of Intensity Control

The advanced projector moving system automatically accommodates each user's spinal curvature and also offers 6 levels of intensity control so that you can choose the intensity of the massage you want.

12 Specialised Massage Programs

It presses the spinal region [cervical vertebrae], [back of head vertebrae], [waist vertebrae] and pelvis, etc.

Relax and Let Your Mind Rest


[Hardware Configuration] 2-Way Speaker, An Earphone Jack, MP3 Remote Control (multipurpose), and SD Card (8GB)

[Hardware Configuration] 2-Way Speaker, An Earphone Jack, MP3 Remote Control (multipurpose), and SD Card (8GB)

Ensure a Healthy Space for Your Family

Efficient Space Usage, Smart Sliding Design

Ceragem Master V3 gives a new resting place for family, with the sliding feature on its space utilisation, creating a sophisticated and refined sense of modern design that matches any interior such as living room,or bedroom.

3 ball/9 ball External


These two external projectors can be used conveniently at the problematic part in the body. It efficiently utilises time to ensure the other family members waiting-in-line can use the thermal projector for their needs.

Before using Master V3, read the manual carefully.