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Frequently Asked Questions

Here's the answer to everything you want
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A.1 Ceragem Master V3 is a thermal massage device (electronic device) that provides customised thermal massage to the spine, the center of the human body, according to the length and curvature of the customers’ spine.

A.2 We offer free experiences so that customers can experience them, feel the effects, and know their value before purchasing because Ceragem product was unprecedented in the world.

We can say that the Ceragem Experience Marketing, which enables customers to truly feel the effect and make purchasing decisions voluntarily, stands for customer-oriented Ethical Management.

A.3 Please refer to the product on the web page.

A.4 Ceragem Master V3 is a product made for the family’s spinal health and can be used by all ages. You can get a massage that suits your condition through spine scanning, intensity and temperature control (recommended height 120cm ~ 186.4cm)

However, pregnant women, children, and the elderly should consult a doctor before use.

A.5 V3’s 12 programs are patented technologies developed at Ceragem Spinal Science Research Institute, which consists of professional researchers. Each program is composed of different spine points and time for stimulation of heat and pressure to provide optimal thermal compression stimulation for the user’s body condition. It is recommended to check the function of each mode on the back of the remote control before selecting it.

A.6 V3 is a product that has passed the standard specifications to prevent damage or problems even under a weight of 135kg and is capable of supporting up to 300kg even though it is heavy. In addition, no matter how heavy a person is, the weight is dispersed when he/she lies down, so there is no problem with the use.

A.7 V3 can be used from 30 to 65 degrees, but the degree of feeling varies depending on the person. However, for proper use, it is recommended to use around 50 degrees.

In particular, when using the semi-automatic / manual mode (when exposed to a specific part for a long time), it is recommended to lower the temperature by 5 degrees below the normal operating temperature because you have to be careful low temperature burns.

A.8 Check the power cable, power switch, and remote control connection. If the power is turned on but it does not work, it is recognized as sofa mode or preheating mode because the sub(auxiliary) mat is not fully opened when only temperature is displayed and the intensity is marked – on the remote control. Fold the sub (auxiliary) mat again and unfold it completely until it clicks. However, if that still doesn’t work, contact our customer service center.

A.9 In the case of V3, the rated power consumption is 240W, but when it reaches a certain temperature, it consumes about 50W. According to the Ceragem Institute of Technology’s measurement, the power consumption is similar to 1 indoor fluorescent lamp.

A.10 Echom service means ‘Experience Ceragem at Home’, and it is a home experience service that can use Ceragem Master V3 at home.

In-Charge HC will visit your home and install the product, explain the principle and usage method and inform you how to use it personally.

You can apply anywhere in the country. For Echom applications, please refer to the Echom page on the website.

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